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Ian Manzano Joins ADS Ventures’ Federal Government Relations Team

Manzano Joins Boston-based Government Relations Firm Following Seven Years on Capitol Hill

September 26, 2016 – Boston, MA – The Boston-based government relations firm ADS Ventures today announced Capitol Hill veteran Ian Manzano has joined its federal government relations team.

Ian comes to ADS Ventures as Associate Vice President, Federal Affairs, after working in the U.S. House of Representatives for over seven years. During his time in the House, Ian served as Legislative Director for former Iowa Congressman Tom Latham, R-IA 3, who sat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee and was Chairman of the Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development. Most recently, Ian worked for another House appropriator, Florida Congressman David Jolly, R-FL 13, as his Senior Policy Advisor, managing the Congressman’s appropriations portfolio. Ian has extensive experience in the federal legislative and regulatory processes and has developed a broad and deep professional network from working with associations, businesses, congressional offices, and federal agencies while on Capitol Hill.

Ian’s issue portfolio has focused on appropriations, banking and financial services, healthcare, housing and community development, national security, tax and trade, and veterans affairs. He holds a degree in International Business from the George Washington University.

“We’re thrilled to have Ian join the ADS Ventures team,” said ADS Ventures CEO Chet Atkins. “Unlike many government relations firms, the ADS team does not simply rely on contacts or a single-issue focus to develop strategies for our clients. We work to separate ourselves as experts in the process and practices of the government. Ian brings a wealth of experience in the field that will help our team develop and execute these strategies in a strong, bi-partisan manner.”

Ian joins a growing federal affairs team at ADS Ventures managed by Liesl Grebenstein. Liesl came to ADS following several years in Washington, DC, where she worked on Capitol Hill and in the government and public affairs arena. She now serves as the firm’s Vice President, Federal Relations, splitting her time between the Boston, MA and Washington, DC offices, and various state capitols in which the firm conducts multi-state work to support its clients. The federal affairs team is supported by George Gomes, ADS Ventures’ Associate Vice President, Research & Policy. A skilled researcher, George works to identify new opportunities for clients, provide public policy analysis, and assist with drafting legislation and regulatory comments.

Also part of ADS Ventures’ federal affairs teams are senior advisors General David McKiernan (USA-RET), who provides strategic counsel to clients on matters related to defense and homeland security policy, Dan Pellegrom, who brings 30 years of global health policy to the team, and Jim Segel, who most recently served as Special Counsel to former-Congressman Barney Frank, D-MA 4, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee from 2007-2011.

ADS Ventures also maintains a growing Massachusetts practice, managed by Emily Kowtoniuk and supported by Savannah Kelleher. Prior to joining the ADS team, Emily served as a Chief of Staff in the Massachusetts State Senate, with extensive experience on the Senate Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets. Savannah came to ADS from the government affairs team at DISH Network, where she was responsible for educating Members of Congress, State Legislators, and their respective staff, on issues relevant to the company and the Pay-TV industry.

More About ADS Ventures
ADS Ventures is a full service, bi-partisan public policy and government relations firm. The firm’s mission is to help organizations successfully navigate complex legislative, political, and regulatory environments at the state and federal levels. Former US Congressman Chet Atkins, D-MA 5, founded ADS in 1993 after a 20-plus year career in the Massachusetts State Legislature and the US Congress. Since then, ADS has grown to become one of the premier government relations firms in New England, and has established a long track record of success on behalf of its broad base of clients. With offices in Boston, MA, and Washington, DC, ADS constitutes a group of government relations professionals who possess a range of experience in the the US Congress, state capitals throughout the nation, and state and federal agencies.

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The world’s leading oral health research institution sought to expand its community outreach arm in Massachusetts to provide school-based dental services to communities in need. ADS Ventures identified key state policymakers and coordinated a strategic plan to build a solid coalition of legislative advocates for the program. The resulting annual budget language marked the program’s first appropriated funding in five years and, in addition to expanding the scope of the program, authorized the institution to measure the program’s impact on overall student performance.
A large trade organization for recreational camps for children faced a sweeping state legislative initiative that would be extremely costly and cumbersome for its membership. ADS Ventures worked with the organization to educate its members on the initiative and crafted sensible alternative language that not only made the initiative more economically tenable to the organization’s membership but also greatly enhanced camper safety. ADS Ventures close collaboration with the Massachusetts Legislature to pass this new language into law positioned the organization as a leader on child safety as well as a reliable private sector partner.
ADS Ventures worked with an international educational non-profit who had major concerns over immigration legislation moving through the US Senate. Our team worked with the organization to educate key Members of the US Senate and staff that the legislation as proposed would have eliminated educational and cultural exchange programs operated by the US State Department for over 50+ years. Working closing with the organization, ADS Ventures was able to find common ground and strike compromise language supported by a group of bipartisan Senators. ADS Ventures then worked with the organization to further educate key Members of the House of Representatives to assure that the compromise language not only survive but also further strengthened to allow the organization to continue operating the programs and continue its mission. To enhance the legislative efforts, ADS Ventures also worked to introduce the organization to the White House Domestic Policy Office as they led the Obama Administrations efforts on immigration reform. The organization is now considered a top resource on this issue by Congress and the Administration and will have a seat at the table during final legislative proceedings and the ensuing regulatory stages of immigration reform.
Due to unintended consequences of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, financial aid officers banned financial aid advisory services to students and families from college campus in an overabundance of caution. HEOA called for the creation of a preferred-lender list in dealing with private student lenders. What legislators did not foresee was that many states had set up quasi-state authorities that offered not only private student loans but also advisory services as part of their mission to offer key financial information to students and families. ADS Ventures worked with a highly respect and nationally recognized state authority to educate policymakers on the unintended consequences. As a result of a combined effort, the US Department of Education offered clarity stating publicly that it was never the intent of the legislation or regulatory actions to ban advisory services by state-chartered institutions from college campuses. While the Department’s response cleared the way for vital services to return to campus, ADS Ventures continues to work to further clarify in statue that financial aid officers can indeed bring these types of services back on campus as students and families look to better understand the true cost of paying for college.
ADS Ventures worked with a U.S. based technology company that developed an innovative new platform that dramatically improves asset performance by providing real time data. The technology has applications in a range of areas including oil field services, pipeline integrity management, critical site security, border protection and transportation industries. With the Federal Government focused on several relevant issues including energy exploration and border security, our team identified numerous stakeholders within Congress and the Administration to increase the visibility of the company’s technology and capabilities. Outreach on behalf of the company included meetings and briefings with key Congressional and Federal Agency decision-makers, with the goal of helping the client leverage these high-level relationships into policy results and new business development opportunities.
ADS Ventures worked with a prominent ballistics manufacturer when an award for a major procurement contract was delayed by the Department of Defense. Following several unwarranted delays of the solicitation and a fair competition, the Department’s Inspector General further delayed the award for the contract due to an investigation of the process. ADS Ventures worked with the manufacturer to educate numerous Congressional offices along with the House and Senate Armed Services Committee. As a result of the outreach, several Congressional offices submitted official inquires and letters to the Department to ensure the IG audit was done in an efficient, timely and transparent manner. Once the audit was finalized, the contracting process proceeded; the manufacturer was awarded the program resulting in several hundred new manufacturer jobs and the advancement of better protection for our service men and woman.